Pana Displays

See the World through a 21:9 Lens

Pana’s 21:9 ultra-wide 5K resolution brings a refreshing form factor to the conventional display market. Our 8-foot wide Pana 105 canvas optimizes team productivity allowing for improved interaction and work place collaboration.

Pana provides 33% more pixels with 5K resolution giving the user more real estate to work on.

The market most receptive to this format are enterprise and industrial companies leaning into visualization technology to be their focal point and center piece. CIOs are telling us 21:9 is making the biggest impressions enabling them to stand out, land new clients and attract better talent. That’s a win-win.

Why 21:9?

Pana 105” is the largest 21:9 ultra-wide LCD display available today. With the explosive growth of gaming and online content platforms, this aspect ratio will continue to gain in popularity.

At Jupiter we anticipated the future moving in this direction and lead the market in this offering. Our launch of enterprise-grade 21:9, 5K LCD display is the largest and most affordable available today.

Dynamic User Experience

Touchscreens have transformed the way we interact daily with technology. These advancements have impacted our expectation for ease-of-use, speed, and interactive autonomy. As users we expect the same touch experience we have grown accustom to with our personal devices to extend to those used for collaboration in the office and beyond. Touch interaction provides an elevated experience.

Collaboration sessions using a mouse and keyboard driven by one person now seems linear and limiting.

Video Wall Replacement

Pana’s ultra-wide display is the next generation, small video wall with higher resolution 5k allowing the placement of any content in any customized hierarchical arrangement. Pana’s single display surface eliminates bezels formerly attributed to legacy video walls improving the viewing experience—an ideal replacement to a pair of side-by-side aging 16:9 displays or a legacy 2×2 video wall.

Lightweight and mobile, the Pana 105” is ideal for retrofits as it fits into a typical service elevator and can be mounted using standard industry hardware without reinforced concrete or steel backing. Pana’s lower infrastructure costs equates to a lower cost of ownership as a result of easy retrofit, reduced energy consumption and affordable price point.

Built for Human Interaction

The 8 foot (2.5 m) wide Pana 105 form factor is inspired by our natural human ability to see wider than we see taller.

The benefits of a wider display means more pertinent information gets placed in our visual sweet spot increasing our comprehension and productivity. Presenters are able to naturally walk, talk and mark up content as they go.

The benefits of a shorter height display (compared a 16:9 equivalent) is that all the pixels are placed where everyone on the team can reach them preserving our dignity among our peers of not having to overreach or bend over to interact with the display.

C-Suite Alignment

Organizations must continually identify and adopt emerging technologies to stay competitive. By prioritizing digital transformation and visualization initiatives, companies can uphold the critical priority of attracting and retaining key talent.

“Creating an office that reflects a warm, collaborative and innovative culture will influence recruitment and retention efforts. Both the location and physical setting speak volumes about how the organization values both employees and clients.”

– Former Chairman and CEO of Fortune 100 Company

Landscape or Portrait

Pana is visually engaging at either a landscape or a portrait view. Measuring over 8’ tall vertically, the portrait display works well in narrow spaces or as a virtual greeter in full height at a hospitality venue. The applications are as broad as your imagination.

Pana Displays

Pana 105

Stunning detail in an ultra-wide collaborative display.

  • 105” diagonal LCD
  • 21:9 aspect ratio
  • 5K native resolution
  • 8’3” W x 3‘6” H (2.5m W x 1.1m H)
  • Touch and non-touch versions available
  • Landscape or Portrait orientations
  • SimpleShare® enabled

Download Datasheet

Pana 81

Empowers more effective team outcomes.

  • 81” diagonal LCD
  • 21:9 aspect ratio
  • 5K native resolution
  • 6’3” W x 2‘8“ H (1.9m W x .8m H)
  • Touch and non-touch versions available
  • SimpleShare® enabled

Download Datasheet

Sustainably Delivered

Our committment to sustainability and to the environment drove us to ensure our Pana products were designed responsibily and earth friendly from the product efficiencies to the box packaging.

  • External box is constructed from 95% recycled materials
  • The interior packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Pana products require significantly lower power consumption
  • Pana 105 and 81 are Energy Star certified