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Large touchscreen displays to engage your audience and fit your budget

The InFocus JTouch™ combines precise touchscreen
technology with a bright, colorful LCD display to engage audiences in classrooms and beyond.

- 65-, 70-, 79-, 84 or 98-inch 1080p touch display for a great price
- Run all your Windows apps, even the older ones, in touch mode
- Your content will be interactive, bright and crisp in any light
- Accurate and responsive touch overlay with multi-touch capability
- Multiple ways to quickly connect and display your notebook

InFocus JTouch Video Overview

Quick video overview of the features and benefits of the InFocus JTouch Touchscreen Display.

Accessories Included: Power cord, remote control, user guide, feet/table stand assembly (feet not included with INF6501a or INF8001)
Warranty: 1 Year

Product Weight:
INF6501a: 110.2 lbs / 50.1 kg, 1,536 x 931 x 96.25 mm
INF7001: 76.5Kg±1.5 Kg, 1,636.90x92.50x981.45 mm
INF7901: 76.5Kg±1.5 Kg, 1,857.4x75.7x1104.5 mm
INF8401: 146kg 1,965.2x91.12x1,164.2mm
INF9801: Dimensions (WxDxH), 2245.4 x 91.7 x 1321.8mm

Operating Conditions:
41 to 95°F at 0 to 10K ft / 5 to 35°C at 0 to 3,048 m
Noise: <40dBA @ 77° F / 25°C Power Consumption: INF5520a-NOPC: 175W max
INF6501a: 210W max
INF8001: 350W max
Energy Star: 5.1


Display INF5520a-NOPCINF6501aINF8001
Technology  CCFLLCDE-LEDLCD LED edge-lit LCD









HDMIx2,VGA (HD15VESA), Component,S-Video,Composite, RS232, RCA stereo audiox2,

3.5mmstereoaudioin,USB Type- B for touch screen controller board
HDMI,DVI,VGA(HD15VESA),3.5mm stereo audio in,3.5mm stereo audio out,USB Type-A cable to touch system panel boardHDMI,DVI,VGA(HD15VESA),RS232, 3.5mm stereo audio in,3.5mm stereo audio out,USB Type-B to touch screen controller board
OutputConnectionsRCAaudiostereo (L/R)output3.5mm stereo audio outRCAaudiostereo (L/R)output, 3.5mm stereo audio out
TouchScreenEdge-to-edgemulti-touchsystemwithsupportforWindows7/8gestures(PConly).Glass protectionoverlayforLCDsurface.  USBTypeAcablefrom touch system panelboard toPC.Edge-to-edgemulti-touch system with support for Windows7/8gestures (PConly).Glass protection overlay for LCDsurface.  USB, TypeA cable from touch system panel board toPC.Edge-to-edgemulti-touch system with support for Windows7/8gestures(PConly).Glass protection overlayforLCDsurface.  USB TypeA cablefrom touch system panel board toPC.
Touch Points5-point2-point5-point


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