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Pexip - The Scalable Meeting Platform

Posted by admin , 2012-07-02

Pexip®Infinity is anaward-winning meeting and collaboration platform that enables visual communications and collaboration withy our team’s choice of tools and devices.

Pexip Infinity solves fundmental enterprise communications challenges. It enables organizations to improve collaboration efforts, move faster,and be more efficientin every day work. And make better decisions faster.

Pexip Infinity seam lessly combines enterprise communications and collaboration solutions in Virtual Meeting Rooms, oroperates as a gateway between platforms. It allows people to use any communication or collaboration device

or tool of their choice: traditional video conferencing, Microsoft®Skype®forBusiness, personal and mobile devices, telephones,or simply any web browser.

Key features:

•  Virtualized, scalable meeting and collaboration platform

•  Award-winning interope rability for video conferencing, Microsoft®

Skype®forBusiness,WebRTC,audio,and more.

•  Native VMR scheduling for Microsoft® Exchange, Office365

•  Provide severy one in anysize organization with enter prise quality video, audio, and content conferencing

•  Pexip Fusion technology guarantees native user experience formixed meetings with VC and Microsoft® Skype® for Business

•  Enterprise-wide branding capabilities included

•  Runs in your local data center,or in a public, private,or hybrid cloud environment. Automated burst-to-cloud capability.

•  Microsoft® Azure®and AmazonWebServicesclouddeployment options.HPEHelioncloud certified

•  SIP ,H.323 ,and Infinity Connect client registration and call control

•  One single license for all platform functionality

•  Industry-leading reliabilityand resilience

•  Simple todeploy,manage,and use


At Pexip, we believe that we can make people’s every day work more efficient, more productive,and more social.

Our company was founded on the  idea that we can greatly improve the way you work and collaborate with colleagues, customers, partners,and vendors.

Research demonstrates that visual communication is more efficient than verbal, so why shouldn’t every one in an organization benefit frombeing ableto use that, just as they have email addresses and telephones?

This is why we have developed Pexip Infinity, and continue to enhance it every day we go to work.

Virtualization benefits videoconferencing right out of the box.

Pexip Infinity software is built from the ground up to be a native, virtualized meeting platform running on industry standard servers.

Understand how you can 

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increase reliability and up-time
  • Quickly deploy and manage your investment 

Pexip Infinity runs as a virtualized server application. It can be deployed to any number of data centers - local, private or public cloud - where customers have needs.

Corporate users and large organizations will typically distribute to local data centers to benefit from local connections in conferencing, using Pexip's flexible licensing model to consume licenses where and when needed.

Benefits of virtualization for videoconferencing.


The greatest benefit from the virtualization model is not necessarily the fact that Pexip Infinity can be run locally.

It is rather that IT administrators immediately benefit from the built-in features of the virtualization platform, such as those from VMware vSphere. VMware vSphere is the industry's foremost tool for virtualization, and is the undisputed industry standard.

A Direct benefit includes increased up-time through built-in standard redundancy and High Availability features.

In addition comes simple and quick deployment. Simple and quick administration. And of course, location independence. Applications anywhere in the world can be deployed and managed from a single, central location. There is no need for specialized personnel to be on-site during installation and configuration, and there is no need to have any special or custom hardware to deploy and run.

In fact, VMware is so standardized it is difficult to find an IT professional that does not know it.

It is easy to understand, then, that Pexip Infinity is easy to roll out on the fly, and quickly becomes a part of IT departments' daily work.

Pexip Infinity is up and available.

VMware vSphere High Availability is one of those features that automatically and immediately benefit Pexip Infinity users. As the Pexip Infinity application is always available, even in the case of server failure, Virtual Meeting Rooms stay available. In the event of server failure, VMware's High Availability feature automatically mirrors services to other available server hardware, enabling unmatched up-time and availability, as well as reduced loss of data.

VMware explains the High Availability feature in this video:

In addition to the High Availability feature, vSphere also features vMotion, a method for moving and migrating systems and running applications without downtime. Even when Pexip Infinity is running, IT administrators can perform hardware maintenance without disrupting service or scheduling downtime and interrupting business. vMotion also enables easy hardware upgrades by for instance moving the entire application - while it is running – to for instance a new server with higher performance hardware.

VMware is the standard tool for IT administrators – saving cost and time.

of Fortune 1000 companies run VMware already (1). It is by far the number one tool for organizations to manage their IT assets and software. It is a part of almost every corporate IT administrators’ daily life. As such, it does not require or demand any special introduction or training. Pexip Infinity software management follows the guidelines and established workflows of already existing software management, and easily integrates with other software.

Saving money on virtualization?

Enabling users to deploy video conferencing in their own familar environments, without the need for specially trained personnel or even proprietary hardware and technologies saves huge costs i many specific areas. Some of the most apparent ones include

  • personnel costs - specially trained people are not needed
  • equipment investments - runs on standars servers already in the datacenter, or simply deploys to an existing cloud solution
  • time spent on maintenance, updates are automated and simple
  • time spent for vendor training - there is no special training required

About VMRs

Just like aphysical meeting room

—a place where you meet,debate, present,collaborate and make decisions. Faster,better,and more intuitive from wherever you are.


Deploys like any enterprise software on all popular hypervisors,including ESXi,Hyper V,Xen, KVM, Azure, AWS and others


Deploy as much  capacity as you need. Any where in the  world, and from a single management interface. Benefit from a single,unified infrastructure and save on band width usage.

Powering the cloud

Want Infinity in the  cloud? The majority of cloud  VCaaSproviders Cloud support Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, HPEHelion. Private, public, hybrid. run Pexip. You can deploy to private, Automated bursting fromon-premises to cloud (Microsoft AzureandAWS). public or hybrid cloud. Or keep it entirely on-premises.

Quick specifications for Pexip Infinity

Concept:          Vir tualized, distributed, scalable media plat form for on-premises and cloud

Video codecs:  H.261, H.263, H.264, RT V, VP8, VP9, RDP

Audio codecs: G711, 722, 729, Siren/14, Opus, A AC-Lx, Speex, Silk, and more

Browsers:       Microsof t Edge, Internet Explorer, AppleSafari, Google Chrome, Firefox, any other

Content:          Full bi-directional dual -stream content sharing bet ween the majorit y of supported

IM/Presence:  SIP SIMPLE for all suppor ted clients

Scheduling:   Native VMR scheduling for Microsof tExchange 2013, 2016 and Office 365

Integrations:  Streaming, recording, scheduling, policies, anal y tics, third par t y provisioning, and many other third extensions

API:                Comprehensi ve RESTful APIs

Management: LDAP/AD provisioning, policies, single-node

Node types:  Management Node, Conferencing Nodes, Media Proxying Edge Nodes

Security:      128-bit AES, DTLS, conference locking, and role-based PIN support

Registrar:     SIP, H.323, Infinit y Connect for Windows, OS X, Linux

Branding:     Full y customizable for all element s across all plat forms included as standard

Licensing:    Simple licensing for plat form capacit y, VMRs, audio, and scheduling

Server requirements Intel x86, Sandy Bridge E5-2600/4600 or newer

Hypervisors: Wmware, ESXi, 5.x or newer, Microsof t, Hy per- V, Xen, K VM, generic

Cloud support:  Microsof tA zure, Amazon Web Ser vices, HPE Helion. Pri vate, public, hybrid.Automated bursting from on-premises to cloud (Microsof tA zure and AWS).

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